I never really understood what anxiety was. When people talked about it i just thought they were over reacting about general 'stuff'.

When i had Daisy that all changed. An overwhelming sense of worry took over and still hangs around 4 years on!

I am aware enough to know when it is happening and have been monitoring what things bring it on. I think when you atleast know the main triggers then you can definitely help ease it.

Here are 4 things that work for me you might want to try and see if they work for you to.

  1. Quiet room with salt lamp, lavender essential oil, deep breathing and NO phones!
  2. Calcium & magnesium & vitamin B supplements.
  3. Being outside around nature.
  4. Reading uplifting, positive & motivational books.

Hope this helps is some way. Knowing when it is happening and why it is happening is half the battle.

Life is going to cause you anxiety at some point. Life can be trying and hard at times but if we can make the hard times a bit more bearable by keeping calm then i know personally i will try what i can!


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